Restricted Locks

Building securities first line of defence is the mechanical lock used to secure doors, gates and other access points. The key that operates this lock is an important factor in the security of the access point. It is therefore vitally important that the control over key duplication is considered as well as the physical strength of the lock, in order to maintain the integrity of security in the building.

Master Key System

Who should consider a master key system? In general, any organisation that has multiple levels of authority and wishes to maintain the separation of those levels. Organisations with high staff turnover would also benefit due to the ability to remove a single key (lost, stolen or un-returned) from a system without impacting the whole system. Within the master key system, there are several levels of security and costs to meet almost any budget. These are based on the keys and hardware used – not the quality of the system design.

Master Suite Applications

  • Residential Environments.
  • Educational Establishments.
  • Halls of Residence.
  • Hospitals.
  • Research Facilities.
  • Agricultural Environments.
  • Corporate Environments.